Grand Finals         26/03/2022      


Blues = free to teams, umpires get lunch

Trainee Blues = free to teams, mentors get lunch

Paid = $30 plate, $30 base, please have cash ready on the day and pay directly to the umpires

8:30 = $10 plate


Grade time Finish Home Away dia PLATE BASE BASE
GF 26/03/2022              
A Grade 4:30pm 5:45 PM Dodgers Angels 1 Duncan Lapsley Marc Roberts Jess Russell
A-Reserve 3:00pm 4:15 PM Eagles Black Tewhanau 1 Jess Russell Duncan Lapsley  
B Grade 3:00pm 4:15 PM Gators Fallin' Angels 2 Susie Keyzer Roxy Armiger  
C Grade 4:30pm 5:45 PM Dinos Fusion 2 Flora Van Der Heide Bella Walker  
C-1 Grade 1:30pm 2:45 PM Penguins Pelicans 2 Bella Walker Abi Rowe  
Division 1 1:30pm 2:45 PM Marlins Raiders 1 Marc Roberts Jess Rooke  
Division 1 Res 12:00pm 1:15 PM Predators Foxes 1 Abi Rowe Kety Lucic  
Division 2 10:30am 11:45 AM Orcas Diamond Doves 1 Ann Jagger Chayse Geros Layla Geros
Division 3 A 10:30am 11:45 AM Astros Blue Jays 2 Flora Van Der Heide Lauren Allison  
Division 3 B 12:00pm 1:15 PM Jaffas Sugar Gliders 2 Lauren Allison Susie Keyzer  
Modball A 9:00am 10:15 AM Cocos Sharks 1 Matilda Clarke Ann Jagger  
Modball B 9:00am 10:15 AM Ravens Sparkles 2 Tamara Bourke Susie Keyzer  
Teeball 9:00am 10:15 AM Freddos Flamingos TBA Milla Catterick    
Teeball 9:00am 10:15 AM Thunderbirds Blue Thunderbirds Black TBA Talea Tonga    
Teeball 9:00am 10:15 AM Thunderbirds Red Thunderbirds White TBA Chayse Geros